2 Nov

I too love questions yet I sometimes wonder how much questioning can you do before mental function resembles overcooked spaghetti. Performance itself, thankfully, seems much more direct.

In my experience as a performer and watcher of improvisation there is very rarely a consensus to the audience’s response. What touches one person bores another. We bring  our own individual tastes, interests, histories and the mood we’re in on that day.

If as performers we care about both connecting with an audience and maintaining creative integrity how do we navigate the individuality within audiences? Who are we connecting with?

How do we create work that is more accessible and engaging without  audience response overly shaping the work? Where is the balance?

If performance is a meeting place between what the performer brings and what the audience brings then how do the two co-create value/substance/quality and how does this ebb and flow?

What is the relationship between asking questions and the doing of performance? What does it look like to actively perform the questions as well as/ instead of asking them before and after?



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