10 Nov
A rough line drawing of a vaguely spherical shape. Below, written in pencil, is 'this is the loose structure and we're going to fill it'

Emma Gregory - Loose Structure 10 Nov

A line drawing from the perspective of someone sitting just outside a circle of people; written in pencil in the bottom right corner is a attendee comment about things feeling woolly, vague, intriguing, alarming, etc

Emma Gregory - Introductions 10 Nov

A page filled with the names of the attendees and a hotch potch of lines spiralling off which point to things that they said in the introduction

Emma Gregory - Names 10 Nov

A quick sketch of a group of people sitting in a circle, above is written in pencil - 'is there an actual audience group?' / 'would the audience group please put your hand up?'

Emma Gregory - Audience group 10 Nov


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