11 Nov
An abstract pen drawing, repeated with variation twice.

Peter Aerni - Minton / Nichols / Boyland

A delegate ticket for Minton, Nicols, Boyland

Expectant, surprised, bemused, smiling, waiting, laughing, watching, anticipating, chin-stroking, unified, unimpressed, musical, laughing, forward-leaning, open-mouthed, crossed-legged, hand-clasped, meditative (?), shoulder-heaving, fidgeting, beer-drinking, glass-holding, ageing, quiet, closed-eyed, chuckling, hungry, tired, patient, still, nervous, absorbed, smiling, beautiful, transfixed, apart-leaning, forward-leaning, against-railing-leaning, lit, muttering, talking, writing, hat-chopping, finger-tapping, beguiled, neck-scratching, cross-legged, growing, dying, drinking, glancing, transported, yawning, mouth-hiding, fleshy, standing, working, watching, fingered, reading, phone-holding, phone-reading, darkened, living, breathing, changing, LISTENING, clothed, coping, smiling, warmed, glittered, entertained, white, art-loving, bald, over-thirty, middle-class, patterned, enthralled, won, stimulated, covered, clothed, coping, behaving, obedient, leaving, unimpressed, bag-carrying, cap-wearing, decisive, recording, arm-stretched, hands-clasped, legs-crossed, foot-dangling, still, moving…

Upright, clapping, pleased, breaking…

Drinking, wearing glasses, ceiling-looking, jowly, defensive, absorbed, late, liminal, floored, stroking, flexible, seated, head-skewed, de-shoed, long-haired, spiky-haired, pretty, ugly, pretty ugly, young at heart, multifarious, schultzing, impressed, magicked, stunned, in love, engaged, generous, performing, amazed, pushing, living, giving, out, in, lying, truthful, shrinking, checking, transcending. Adjusting, identified, identifying, identical, English, German, French, American, Scottish, Greek… laughing, applauding, clichéd, frowning, socked, small, unique, existing, abject, bubbling, serious, bearded, frivolous, more serious, enthusiastic, yipping, clapping, embracing, thankful, responding???…


Squeaking, humming, purring, peeping, torking, storking, chirping and  forking audience.

A scratchy, ink drawing of three figures seated around a box (microphones?) with a fourth figure lurking in the left background.

Julian Taylor - Minton, Nichols, Boyland (w/ mics)


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