Two hours ago, the core audience sat together for the first time

11 Nov

The performance is the site of a transaction between audience and performer.

The financial transaction affects the nature of the performative transaction.
When people don’t pay, they are more forgiving of the work.
When people pay a lot they want to know in advance what they are getting. They will be less accepting of failed experiments.

Added value – the free glass of wine, the shiny program, the branding of the artist, the free tickets if you come back, the fact that you will know other people that are going – all these are supplementary to the work shown but by being known in advance act as magnets for an audience.

Would you go to see experimental work knowing nothing else about it?

*                     *                     *

Performance is a code to be deciphered, and if artists want new audiences then they need to provide a way in to the work.


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