3-5pm Interventions around the Bluecoat

12 Nov
A view through a window into a courtyard; a line drawing of a man smoking, with the caption '20 minutes ago' written below

Anna MacDonald and Mamoru Iriguchi - 20 Minutes Ago (Photo: Emma Gregory)

A performer leans her head and hands against the right hand wall, a set of clothes are neatly laid at the front of the space and spirally up the back wall, a series of weblike bronze sculptures can be seen

Annabelle Guérédrat - Improvised collaboration with Ranjani Shettar

A group of people sat on the floor, a chalk line drawing around them can be seen

Genevieve Say - Drawing with finger (Photo: Emma Gregory)

A young woman in an orange top hands from a fire escape, the railings of the stairs tucked under her arms

Genevieve Say - Fire stairs improvisation (Photo: Emma Gregory)

A couple lie sleeping in bed, between them, above the sheets, is Eckhart Tolle's book, 'A New Earth'

Jean-Hugues Miredia and Natanja den Boeft - In-bed (Photo: Emma Gregory)

Two figures stand in front of a sunlit window in the middle of a contact improvisation. Each is wearing bubble-wrap over their everyday clothes

Noel Perkins and Mary Pearson - Bubblewrap contact (Photo: Emma Gregory)

6 calligraphy drawings are stuck to the upper left of a blackboard. Next to it is written 'How much would you want to pay for one original drawing? Please note'

Peter Aerni - Idea on chalkboard (Photo: Emma Gregory)


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