Friday morning – What’s happening?

12 Nov

We’re in it now. Somewhere in the middle, in the soft part that has less form and clarity. There are questions about what to do next. It’s 10:35am and the cafe is a hot hub of chat and discourse (what’s the difference?).

What were we supposed to be doing? Talking about the audience/artist contract? What are the assumptions on which we base this contract? What’s implicit, explicit, acknowledged, denied?

I think we’re about to come together, improvising the next step in this wandering improvisation. But not wandering blindly, so much as finding our way to the shared kitchen where an early winter scouse is simmering…


PS. Scouse is a Liverpool stew, is an accent, is a people, is an attitude…


One Response to “Friday morning – What’s happening?”

  1. Jacqueline McCormick November 12, 2010 at 2:32 pm #

    Welcome Keith! et al, sorry I couldn’t be with you for the start…jealous seeing all your lovely bodies as I am stuck behind my computer. Looking forward to watching your solo tonight and being part of the workshop sat am. Can’t wait to give you a hug. x jac

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