Keith Hennessey – Crotch (post-pub discussion)

13 Nov

– I was saying to Wendy that I found it incredibly…  invigorating… inspiring… erm… I found his… the mixture of his humility, his clarity, his confidence, his political awareness, his sense of his body, his sense of the ridiculous. He created this sort of collage…

– Jamie, you’re using all the adjectives.

– I think Jamie has done my bit as well.

– I think the thing is (and I’m going  to use all the same adjectives) is he was so easily moving between the mundane, the sacred, the ridiculous, the profound, the intelligent, the nonsensical without me actually realising it because I was actually spellbound.
Yeh. And then after the performance, he never stops talking.

– Yeh, and he had a nice cock too.


– I want to see it hard. That’s where my imagination went.

– Did you write down? … actually, after nice cock came; ‘I had to check the mould’. I had to check the mould.

– The atmosphere he created at the end, when I kneeled down in front of him, and people touched my shoulders and my arms – the atmosphere he created – I felt very supported… Maybe supported’s not the right word… Maybe it is.

– It’s a theatre production in the way that it’s repeatable. It’s repeatable. No, not repeatable – that sounds bad, but I mean it as a compliment. His performance was made live by the dodgy stage management // including the obviously incapable student.

// I liked the horse. //

– You’re just jealous. He obviously spent the afternoon with him having sex.

– Also… did you… when you were walking by… like the crackers  by the stage weights?

– That confused me. Why?

– James Hillman!

– It made me think that if I was an elephant sitting on the stage weights it would be very different than if I was an elephant sitting on the crackers.

– He was much more confident when he took his pants off…

– He needed to chill //out when he was hammering the nails in.

– I’m not sure I believed him when he was nailing.

– He was performing nailing.

– How did everyone feel when he was crying?

– It was so fucking sad, the image; I don’t know why he actually had to cry. It was such a strong image, that if he’d kept that in…

(Interlude on The Baader-Meinhof Complex)

– Ooo… Are we still talking about his show?

– I’ve said everything to you already. Oh… I think that’s really… why?

– No, Jamie’s is the last sentence.

(I think it’s wrong to do something like this at 2.)

I like the horse.
I like the horse.


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