Thirty titles for thirty minutes (meeting to take stock)

13 Nov

1 Feedback nerves. Ignore the audience.

2 A grouped audience. Collective understanding.

3 The audience is more interesting.

4 Music was the prime mover.

5 Sometimes, profound responses are non-verbal.

6 We’re the gregarious audience bunch.

7 Questioning feedback is always verbal.

8 Verbal conversations don’t involve bodies. (?)

9 The enjoyment of avoiding immersion.

10 Musicians don’t dialogue like dancers.

11 The incessant European artist conversation.

12 On being simply touched. Stripped.

13 Let’s abandon the European past.

14 She don’t read Louise Bourgeois.

15 Audience contact. People contact. Contact.

16 The independence of collaborating artists.

17 How to proceed from here?

18 It was, because we did.

19 Permission give (is it needed?)

20 Three women in a circle.

21 You’re the one who knows.

22 What I wanted to say.

23 Anthropologically, where’d it come from?

24 It’s huge, but not present.

25 Basic human impulses left aside.

26 My one jibe was unimportant.

27 Today, I’ll try putting it thus.

28 Listen. Voices that you don’t hear.

29 You must work on that.

30 What happens when you’re not.

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