Coffee date

14 Nov

Card 1

Which two individuals in the conference do you think would work best together?
What do you think they would do?

Card 2

Which two individuals in the conference would have the most interesting wrestling match?
Who would win?

Card 3

Silently count to twenty before turning to the next card.
You might want to take a sip of your drink(s) whilst you do this.

Card 4

Pick a moment that comes to mind since Raw Roar Rare began.
Talk about it.

Card 5

In life, there are two types of people – artists and audience.

Card 6

Artist: (In a reconcilatory tone) Listen, if this relationship is going to work, I need you to tell me what it is that you want from me.
Audience: (Tired and out of patience) I do tell you. But you don’t listen.
Artist: Oh that’s right, it’s always my fault isn’t it? Like you’re not eyeing up every floozy that wanders past. (pause) I can see you doing it now!
Audience: At least I always stop at just eyeing them up.
Artist: (Starting to lose it now) Oh that’s right, bring that up again – Why can’t you leave the past alone…
(and so it continues)

If you’re in a pair, enact this scene. If you’re alone, what advice would you give to
an artist and audience in this miserable situation?

Card 7

We may choose to share some of these responses with other people.
Would you be happy for us to do that?
If you are, and if we were to call it an artwork, would that then make you the artist
or the audience of the work?


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