What if?

17 Nov

I remember Moya asking me on Sunday if I felt that I had accomplished what I wanted to achieve with RRR (sorry Moya, this might be badly quoted and not at all the intention of your question). Today I remembered about a text I wrote about a year ago in a workshop with David Lakein. I found it and this is it in it’s updated form:

It is interesting to be using words in a moment where using them has just been confirmed as somehow very inept at capturing what we know, but then there is what David quoted: What if what we got is what we need? It is the judgement that hurts not the notion of something being incomplete.
I soften my brain as I soften my body. Tiredness is a gift, laziness is a gift. The paradox is in caring at the same time. It is about the quality of touch, about the contact. The solution/the truth is ever-existing, always there, never around, a shape-shifter. We pass through it or it through us, in and out, often when we don’t reach for it but for something else or nothing at all. So,  yes! (damn it) reach out. But don’t be attached to catching what you were reaching for.
What defines me the most and how can I let go of it? Let go of the attachment to that most precious attribute. Not as a nifty little scam but to really honestly let go of it/the goal and still reach.
Direction/linearity/physical body as a gift, just another manifestation not a division.
Everything is in constant flux yet we still like to capture, to give lasting to what doesn’t, to define, hold on to, find safety.
Embrace the paradox! (Enjoy it, saviour it, have fun with it)
What if what there is is what I need?

Britt (at this moment in time trying to find her personal flux of chaos and form – whilst trying not to try too hard)

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