LIC artists, Mary Prestidge, Paula Hampson and Andrea Buckley,

who are highly respected nationally as dance artists and who have been working independently and collectively, regionally, nationally and internationally, over the past 15 years from their base in Liverpool. Their commitment as artists is in developing and supporting work which is primarily about research, experimentation and exchange. From their recently acquired studio in the Bluecoat they continue to evolve creative, innovative artist led contexts for making and sharing work with a mix of experienced and less experienced artists across the spectrum of dance, visual and music media.

Mary Pearson UK/USA and Britt Jurgensen UK/GER
are currently based in Liverpool and working independently in their fields of theatre making and dance. Together with Ben Phillips they co-founded Fool’s Proof Theatre and tour their work nationally and internationally.

Steve Boyland is one of the UK’s most accomplished voice artists. His reputation is founded on the intensity and eclecticism of his solo work, as well as a portfolio of collaborations with a growing roster of international practitioners in the fields of improvised music, visual arts and dance. Despite longstanding connections with composed and semi-improvised traditions, much of his most acclaimed work is within the field of free-improvisation, where his association with Maggie Nicols- a creative relationship which spans some 25 years- has played a formative role in his creative development. In recent years, there have been a number of important collaborations between the two artists, notably in duo interventions at Happenstance and Serralves Em Festa In 2008 he was commissioned to create a performance with musician Paul Hubweber for the official opening of Liverpool’s year as European Capital of Culture. In 2012 he will curate and perform Cor Inquietum, a series of multi-media interventions to mark the 60th anniversary of the twinning of Liverpool and Cologne.


Keith Hennessey
Hennessy is that rare artist who succeeds in translating fierce social concerns into artistically satisfying creations that enlighten and entertain. Against all odds he believes in art’s power to reassume its ritualistic and healing function.”
Rita Felciano, SF Bay Guardian

Keith Hennessy is an award-winning performer, choreographer, teacher and organizer. He was born in Canada, lives in San Francisco and tours internationally. His interdisciplinary research engages improvisation, spectacle, ritual, identity and public action as tools for investigating and revisioning political realities. He has an MFA in Choreography and is currently writing a dissertation on 1970s performance collectives to complete a PhD in Performance Studies at UC Davis.

Hennessy directs Circo Zero / Zero Performance as containers for solo and collaborative experiments in post-genre performance. He was a member of Sara Shelton Mann’s legendary Contraband (85-94) as well as the performance collective CORE (95-98), and the France-based Cahin-caha, cirque bâtard (98-02). Hennessy was a co-founder of 848 Community Space, now CounterPULSE, a thriving performance and culture space in San Francisco.


Emma Gregory
Tim Jeeves


Simon Jones
Mamoru Iriguchi
Genevieve Say
Jamie Wood
Peter Aerni
Noel Perkins
Karl Jay-Lewin
Jovair Longo
Natanja den Boeft
Scott Smith
Anna MacDonald
Lisi Perry
Annabel Guérédrat
Danny Williams
Paula Hampson
Mary Pearson
Mary Prestidge
Britt Jurgensen
Steve Boyland
Sue Davies
Lorena Rivero de Beer
Rachel Sweeney
Julie Filain
Georgia Giotaki
Joan Lynch
Vicci Riley
Roger Hill
Maire Williams
Jo Blowers
Julian Taylor

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